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Sabina biography

Afternoon at the Lake by Sabina
Afternoon at the Lake
36 x 48 in.
Brookside View by Sabina
Brookside View
36 x 36 in.
Calm Waters by Sabina
Calm Waters
30 x 40 in.
Changing Seasons by Sabina
Changing Seasons
78 x 36 in.
Distant Moose by Sabina
Distant Moose
24 x 36 in.
Early Autumn by Sabina
Early Autumn
36 x 48 in.
Late Afternoon by Sabina
Late Afternoon
36 x 36 in.
Lily Pads by Sabina
Lily Pads
30 x 40 in.
October Cascade by Sabina
October Cascade
36 x 48 in.
Rain on the Horizon by Sabina
Rain on the Horizon
36 x 36 in.
River Rapids by Sabina
River Rapids
30 x 40 in.